JP's RC-600 Loop Station Course

Learn this next generation Loop Station with JP and go from Zero to Hero!

1 Payment - Lifetime Access!

Do you want to know EVERYTHING the manual and reference guides are just not telling you?

You need the Full RC-600 Course from me, JohnPaul, The Loop Expert. 

In this course I will take you through:

  • An RC-600 Overview
  • Inputs & Outputs
  • Looping Defaults
  • Memory Settings
  • System Settings
  • FX (Input & Track)
  • Midi (pedals, controllers & more)
  • Ctrl & Exp Control
  • Assigns
  • Customisation
  • Advance Setups
  • and so so much more...

Save your seat for only $197 USD and walk away with more clarity and confidence with your flagship loop pedal than the competition and get setup and looping faster saving you hours and hours of frustration!

Here's what you'll get wit the RC-600 Course:

  • Full instant access to the full course covering hours of video content,
  • Step-by-step fool proof guides,
  • Easy to digest information that you can return to anytime on both computer out mobile.
  • Downloadable PDF's for you to KEEP.
  • Access to content JP has NEVER put on Youtube or any other social media and is ONLY found only this course.

PLUS Bonus content that is only available within this course:

  • Advanced setups for more in depth looping.
  • MY personal setups - what I put where and HOW I uses it with templates to COPY them exactly!
  • Updates and updated content as the pedal gets updated, at no extra cost to you!
  • And so so much more..

What People Are Saying:

Seriously, when I opened the RC-600 and saw the ‘manual’, I was totally stumped and disappointed. It was of no help whatsoever! And then the ‘Parameter’ thing you can download was basically just a cruel list of all the things I wanted but had no idea how to access! I am (now) looping like crazy and now can fathom the intricate instruction videos out there. Your casual and light teaching style was amazing at demystifying this complex machine. The way that you helped me tailor it all for my set up was amazing and tbh, life changing as I’m now making music and sounds like I’ve never done.

David Capon

$197.00 USD

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