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Welcome to JohnPaulMusicUK


This is where you can access a massive amount of music help, content, courses and more, direct from JP and the friends of JohnPaulMusicUK. 

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Hi, I'm JP

Musician, Live Performer, Loop artist and YouTuber with a degree in Digital Music and a passion for Music Tech, JP is your course leader and the man who started JohnPaulMusicUK

(well, it is his name after all!)



Loop Pedal LIVE Workshop

Join JP LIVE for 3 days to learn about loop pedals for creativity, inspiration and performance including daily Q&A’s.

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 Boss RC-500 Loop Station Course

Learn the Next Generation 2-track Big Brother to the infamous RC-30 FAST!

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Boss RC-600 Loop Station Course

Learn this Next Generation Loop Station and take you from Zero to Hero!

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Master The Basics of Looping

Learn Looping from the VERY beginning with JP

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How to Loop Like a PRO

Tapping into JP’s 15 years of knowledge and experience as a loop artist to help you get set up, up your game and get looping FAST!


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 JohnPaulMusicUK's Podcast

Interviews and unique episodes on JP's Podcast. 

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1-2-1 Coaching and Training 

Personal Coaching from JP

Live stream Help?
Looping Help?
Help with a certain
loop pedal or app?

Jump on coaching sessions with JP and get the one to one training you need!

Plus all the notes saved for you to go back to whenever you like.

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JP's Performances

This Playlist is all of JP's performances with different songs and outfits throughout the years taken from the JohnPaulMusicUK YouTube Channel. 

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